My Ballard Design Art knock off

One of my all time favorite places to dream is Ballard Designs. I love it all, but alas my budget doesn't match my dreams. Although some of there stuff really isn't priced outside my budget which I love! Their art however is not one of them.

I have been drooling over this print. Not necessarily the art itself or even the saying but I really like the feel of it.

I have been working really hard in the oldest prince's room and I wanted to add some art. He is getting older and wanted a more sophisticated feel. Ok well maybe I threw in the sophisticated part but he does love how it is coming together. So I am laying in bed and it hits me I know exactly what I want to do!

Here is my version of the ballard art, only 8 year old boy style! Ballard's art although it is lovely is $199.00 on sale. Wanna guess how much I paid for mine?

Drum roll please..........$1.99 and that is on the high end.

I went to the cull section in Home Depot. It is usually at the very back of the store by the giant saw. It is a crafty girls dream! All those construction guys scoff at the small little boards but for me they were perfect. The best part is they are usually around 4 foot sections and they are only .56 cents each! Helllllooooo! I had an extra 1 X 2 that I used for my gift wrap center. I simply cut my boards to the length I wanted. Mine is a little smaller than ballards but that way I could get 2 of my art pieces out of my boards. Then I trimmed my 1 X 2 to length. I layed my boards on the floor and screwed the 1 X 2 to the back of the planks. Then it was just a matter of paint. I used a bone color all over and then added the stripe of matte black. I used my cricut to create my stencil which I let hang over the edges. I used a dry brush technique using a grey flannel acrylic paint. I love how you just fill in the word even though you don't see the whole thing. I am so proud of my $1.99 art especially since I made it without Prince Charming's help!


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