Ran out of walls to vinyl moving to cars

Prince charming jokes that our entire house is going to be labeled with vinyl, so I thought maybe I will move to cars. I guess when my car looks like a hippie mobile covered with vinyl I will have to find something else to vinyl. If you live near the castle look out you may come out and find your car has been covered with cute emblems by some crazed lady! I made this really fun custom vinyl sign for my brother for Christmas. That is his logo that I used. It has been so darn cold here he just now got to put it on. I love love love it! I hope he does too! I tell you I love my cricut it is the best invention since sliced bread! I know I am silly, don't you get a rush from crafty things? My heart was all a twitter when he sent this to me. It must be the Martha Stewart in me!


Can you tell I am excited I used 5 exclamation points in one paragraph. I am sure all the grammer police are freaking out! Oh look there is one more.
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