I don't know how everyone keeps up with their blog so much. I am trying but if I am blogging all the time how can I be doing all my fun crafty stuff? I try! Now that we are past the holidays I can share a few of my favorite projects. I had to wait until they had all received them since I know they check out my blog. I made a few adorable wooden family name signs for my friend and my sister in law. I used a few more of my doors that prince charming got for me. I am so in love with these, but I used all of my doors up so I will have to see what else I can do because I want one too!! My list of things to make for me is getting really long. On a postive note I have already started my shopping and crafting for next Christmas. I swear I am going to be done in June. (If I say that maybe I will be done by Decemeber) No before shots it was just your basic cabinet door, that I painted black and used vinyl to create the name.

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