Hot chocolate on a stick

Ok really just one more, I have things to be doing but this is making that grinchy feeling go away and I promised the oldest prince's teacher I would. (Hi Mrs. W) I saw these really cute hot chocolate on a stick over at the idea room, and thought I would give it a whirl. I made these up for my son's class as a little party favor. I hate spending money on junk that I know other mom's like me dislike and throw away so I always like to come up with fun ideas for party favors. Here is how I made my version.


Double boiler (or a bowl and a pot of water
mold of some kind (ice cube trays work great but cute shaped molds would work well too.)
Ziplock baggie
Sticks or spoons(I made these 3 different ways, once with Popsicle sticks, once with plastic spoons and my favorite candy canes)


8 oz good quality chocolate (I used both the giardelli bittersweet chocolate and the fondue chocolate that you can find at most any craft store. Not that candy melts those don't taste great for this)
1/4 Cup unsweetened Cocoa
1/2 Cup powdered sugar
pinch of salt

1. First you want to melt your chocolate using a double boiler. You will want to melt it until there are just a few pieces left remove it from the heat and stir it until all of the pieces are gone.

2. Next sift your cocoa and powdered sugar together and add to your melted chocolate. Stir until well combined. It will look like a really dark yummy thick fudge frosting. If it is super thick and hard to stir try putting it back over the heat but do not add milk or water it will cause it to completely seize! I did have to add a bit more chocolate on one of the batches but it made it more manageable.

3. Now place a big baggie open in a cup and fold the top down over the glass and fill with your hot chocolate mix. Remove from the glass and seal up the top. Squeeze it into one of the corners and snip of the corner creating something like a piping bag.

4. Then all you do is fill up whatever you are using as a mold and pop your sticks in the middle. (I used candy canes that I cut down to size. I think the mini's might work too and you could hang them off a little tree on a buffet table. CUTE!!!!) You can let them sit at room temp until they harden or pop them in the fridge to speed it up. You can embellish these once they have set. You can dip them in white chocolate, or a bit more melted chocolate and dip them in sprinkles, or maybe crushed candy cane.

I put them in little baggies tied a ribbon and added this little poem:

(yep another one I wrote at 2:00 am)

It is a magical time of year, so here is
a little trick. What you hold in your
hand is hot chocolate on a stick. Mix it in
a cup of piping hot milk and you will see,
drink it up and be as happy as can be.

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