Halloween Crafts

These last few weeks have been a blur of orange and black paper. It seems like all of our events came together on the exact same day!

These were a fun centerpiece and party favor I made for the big prince's class party.

Can you beleive I stuffed all of this in a little tiny can. I can't wait to give it to the soccer kids. They are going to think, "What she is giving us a can for snack? LAME!!!" Then when they open it man they will be surprise!

Here is the stack of them I made 9 of them!

Man who knew golden raisens could look so gross just by putting them in a bag marked troll boogers! I saw these in Mathew Meades Halloween book and just had to do them. They are laugh out loud funny!

Another cute little pop-top can for a special little treat.

These cute little adams applesauce containers are for the little prince. You are not allowed to bring homemade goodies to preschool so I thought these would be fun. Man that kills me not to bring homemade treats that is what I do, don't these people know me! Speaking of that I still have some baking to do!

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